Our Services

Membership Management

The most visible part of a volunteer membership association is the service provided to individual members. We take great pride in responding to members, potential members, and sponsors promptly to ensure growth and member satisfaction.

  • Managing membership databases
  • New member contacts and communications
  • Realtime membership status reporting
  • Development and management of recruitment and membership promotion programs
  • Developing, implementing, and analyzing membership surveys
  • Developing leadership training for up-and-coming members; and
  • Developing membership collateral such as directories and catalogs.

Conferences, Meetings & Special Events

For most associations, conferences and special events are quite often the most important source of revenue for the group. Sterling Strategic Management specializes in planning and implementing conferences, meetings, conventions and exhibitions that inform, entertain and provide business opportunities. SSM strives to ensure that every meeting is flawlessly planned and executed, leaving leadership free of the burdensome details inherent in any meeting.  SSM is also well versed in large and small scale corporate and independent events.

  • Initial vendor negotiations, including hotel and conference center site selection and contract negotiations
  • Consultation on meeting content and development
  • Online registration and payment processing
  • Database Management
  • On-site staff
  • Presenter/speaker coordination, including production of speaker information and materials
  • Exhibit relations, sales, set-up and other logistical activities
  • Planning and logistics
  • Development of promotional and public relations materials including conference brochure and marketing materials
  • Development of sponsor and exhibitor prospectus
  • Coordination of registration materials (name badges, attendee lists, pocket schedule, handouts, signage, etc)
  • Design and development of conference materials (conference program book, abstract book, etc.)
  • Conference app developement
  • Coordination and production of all association business and governance materials and communications
  • Budget and financial management

Financial Services

Like any successful business, an association requires sounds business practices, accurate reporting, security, and a prudent fiscal checks and balance system. Sterling Strategic Management employs a full charge bookkeeper to perform all financial data entry and reporting including budgeting and cash flow analysis.

  • Comprehensive knowledge of QuickBooks
  • Management of accounts payable, accounts receivable, cash, and bank reconciliations
  • Management and payment of all bills and expenditures
  • Comprehensive monthly financial reports (depending on preference) with budget variation analysis
  • Filing of federal and state tax information by a certified accounting professional
  • Budget preparation, implementation and management
  • Short and long-term financial recommendations (such as building a firm financial base, cash flow management, investing of excess funds, and funding of large projects)


The term marketing concepts holds that achieving organizational goals depends on knowing the needs and wants of target markets and delivering the desired satisfactions. SSM conducts surveys and focus groups to identify the desired products and services an association's members and prospective members are seeking.

  • Developing, implementing, and analyzing membership surveys
  • Market analysis
  • Coordinated e-mail campaigns
  • Creating, developing, and producing literature.
  • Direct mail services
  • Public relations

Information Technology & Information Resources

In 1994, our founding company hosted the first association website on the World Wide Web. The firm invested over one million dollars into providing resources for clients to move into the future of digital information and social media. In 2012, SSM continues to monitor “cutting edge” technology that will position the organization for the challenges in sharing and obtaining information and education for the coming decades.

  • Website design, development, support and updating
  • Webinars, closed social media, community forums and listservs for leadership, committees, and members
  • Conference and meeting software systems that manage all aspects of an event
  • Online education capabilities
  • Accreditation & Certification Management

Social Media

Studies suggest associations that offer a “closed” social networking have a higher retention rate than those that don't. We also have the capabilities to offer Facebook™-style networking to members, allowing them to make their own friend and peer connections, share photos, and send member-to-member messages.

Research also shows that social initiatives, regardless of purpose, require a focused discipline. Every social initiative is structured to an association's established objectives and a social strategy will be developed with value to members and the association as the key to prioritizing every action plan proposed.

Below are some key performance attributes in this formal relationship:


  • Establish governance and guidelines for the association's use of social channels
  • Establish a dynamic, experiential relationship with the membership
  • Establish the dynamic, conversational and ongoing expertise of the association as an authority and forward thinking organization on all key topics
  • Creating additional revenue streams for the association through membership add-ons in
  • Creating higher attendance at the annual conference and demand for revenue generating satellite activities. And year-round access to content from the conference


  • Constructing dialogue between members and the association
  • Member community development and management
  • Training webinars for members in areas of core competency and client growth
  • Surveys that impact association directions and activities
  • Referring Twitter leads to the association for placement with members


  • A focus on bringing customers to association members through directory apps
  • Crowd sourcing
  • Consumer education on the association member's solutions through webinars and core social activity
  • Effective Pay Per Click advertising in social media
  • Effective cross-platform use of social media

Organizational Development and Strategic Planning

Providing management services goes beyond daily operational functions. An association management firm should also assist clients to prepare for the future. SSM can provide support to insure goals and objectives of the association will be reevaluated, modified, and implemented. An informed and motivated board combined with a clear and attainable strategic plan linked to a realistic budget is your organization's blueprint for success.